Tile Vision

TileVision is the latest generation of automatic sorting systems produced by Italvision.

TileVision is the latest generation of automatic sorting systems produced by Italvision.
Thanks our experience TileVision is completely renovated in its vision system, software, hardware and mechanics.

The TileVision systems do not require qualified personnel.
The training allows to start production as early as the first week.
TileVision can be installed at the exit of the klin and before the existing sorting lines.

The benefits of using the TileVision automatic sorting system are:

  • Increase of quality standards.
  • Reduction in costs.
  • New functions of the sorting system with self-learing of tile's structure.
  • Constant and uniform quality criterion over time.
  • Possibility of coupling with every type of sorting line.

The ever-increasing development in the ceramic product design, both in terms of decorations and structures, calls for a versatile system capable of  sorting a wide range of different materials.The movable function of one of the cameras, controlled in a simple and intuitive way, allows TileVision to sort various types of materials: as a matter of fact the camera can be positioned in the best position, depending on the defects of the surface.

Great efforts have been lavished on making the TileVision software simple and intuitive.
The operator job is facilitate by the different symbols and colours used for each function.
Icons and simple terms make it easy-to-understand.
A great attention has been paid in designing the whole part of the system concerning the tone and its management.
The possibility of controlling  the whole system remotely facilitates any operation of diagnostics as well as advice for configuring and/or adjusting all the functions and parameters concerned.


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