Tile Vision CP Auto

Automatic inspection system equipped with Calibro and Planar devices for large-size tiles and slabs (up to 1.600x3.200 mm). TILEVISION CP AUTO is the third generation of Italvision’s automatic sorting system, that ca


The benefits offered by the TileVision CP Auto automatic sorting system are:

·       Very small overall dimensions

·       Workable sizes: from 300x300 to 1.600x3200 mm

·       New automatic sorting line functions with tile structures learning

·       Interface with any sorting line

·       Simultaneous and fully automatic change of size according to “worksize-flatness-diagonal-sorting” parameters by using only one recipe.

·       Micrometric control of the position of any sensors thus avoiding adjustment at any change of size

·       In order to be interfaced with any type of sorting line it is possible to create a global code referred to the various “worksize-flatness-diagonal-sorting” controls or to manage separate codes

·       Intuitive and simple “worksize-flatness-diagonal-sorting” interface by a single extended monitor

·       Through a simple network connection, it is possible to link up to ten remote operator panels, in order to get real-time statistics and production data referred to any point of the line.



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