About us

For over twenty years ITALVISION is a leading company specialized in designing of computer vision systems for production process and quality control

Thanks to its expertise, flexibility and more than 200 vision control systems installed worldwide ITALVISION is able to provide customized solutions thus meeting any production requirements.

ITALVISION's mission is to offer high-quality systems which stands out for high performance and low management costs, following its tradition, thus ensuring a round-the-clock constant operation and a 100% control over production process, availing of a high user friendly, flexibility, traceability of controlled products, reduced dimensions thanks to compact solutions, quality management.

ITALVISION was established in 1996 by merging professionals and companies with a ten-year experience in the ceramic industry, in addition to the contribution of young designers and high-qualified collaborators, aiming at developing high-tech systems that ensure multiple applications not only to the ceramic industry but also to other sectors, such as the food industry.

Thanks to its many-year experience and know-how acquired in the ceramic industry, ITALVISION is the ideal partner able to offer high-tech products and customised solutions.

Italvision’s systems key strengths are since forever:

Flexibility (quick change)

Ergonomics (user-friendly HMI)

Traceability (saving of all checked products)

Reduced sizes (compact solution)

100% control, unchanged over time

Round-the-clock, 7 days a week operation

High flow rate with a constant control level

Quality management

The main important Italvision’s products are highlighted below:


Automatic sorting system for ceramic tiles


Quality control system for unfired material; it can be used during the production process, guaranteeing a constant and uniform control over the years.


System for structure recognition, especially conceived for digital printing.


Modular size system for the control of work-size, diagonal and flatness.


System especially conceived for the control of packaging intactness of food products packed inside heat-sealed trays.