Food industry

Italvision refined technology, originally created for the control of production and quality in the ceramic industry, thanks to a non-stop research and development is now exported to other sectors, especially to the food industry: PACKVISION is born.

PACKVISION is a modular inspection system for the quality control of food heat-sealed trays as well as packaging at large.

PACKVISION is the result of a many years’ experience and is completely designed and manufactured (software and mechanics) by Italvision in Italy

Due to its great flexibility, PACKVISION can be tailored to each and every customer’s requirement.

The use of high-speed colour cameras, high-performance industrial computer on 64bit QuadCore platform, enables a continuous inspection directly on the line.

 Possible checks:

  • Presence of impurities on the food tray sealing.
  • Centring or correctness of screen printing on the film.
  • Presence or defects of the bar code.
  • Brands, stamps, labels on the top and bottom of the packaging.
  • Dents on packaging.
  • Aesthetic defects in general.

The user can decide as needed, through simple operations, the minimum and maximum size of the defect, the inspection area and the parameters for aesthetic controls.

The remote connection enables the management of many lines by just one station and facilitates the technical assistance service, both in terms of diagnostics and configuration.



  • Improvement in quality standards.
  • Reduction of operating costs.
  • Constant and uniform control over time.
  • Productive capacity increase.
  • Management of many lines by just one operator.

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